The Best Yoga Paddle Boards (SUP’s) – Walk on Water!

To call yoga a new trend would be incorrect, the art has been practiced for thousands of years. That said, in recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence and yoga has become recognized for the amazing benefits it can have on your strength, flexibility and health, both physical and mental. People from all walks of life are trying out yoga and many people are doing so on the water via a paddle board or SUP. In this article, we look at the best paddle boards for yoga, for beginners and experts who want to buy a new SUP to take out on the water.

There are many reasons for practicing yoga on a lake or other body of water. For one, it creates more of a challenge. Naturally, water is going to be less stable than dry land, and so gives you a chance to hone your balance and other yoga skills. As well as that, the environment is very peaceful, and one of the reasons a lot of us try yoga is to get away from the rest of the world and enjoy some tranquility. Being out in the water and at one with nature is good for the brain as well as the body, and the challenge of yoga on the sea is one more and more of us are starting to attempt.

As with any SUP, there are some choices out there to make, and criteria that make certain boards the best for yoga. What is the correct choice for one person may not be so for another, and your individual needs are something to consider when looking at paddle board reviews, checking out the features and deciding if one is right for you. Our list of the best boards has looked not only at features, but at prices too. If you need a beginner SUP for yoga or are on a budget, you’re probably going to want a good cheap SUP, so we have included something for all budgets and sizes.

As a short aside, you might have heard the term BOGA used to describe ‘boot camp yoga’ which incorporates the use of yoga on stand up paddle boards. The criteria are exactly the same, and the best boards for BOGA are the same models mentioned below, of course. There is no difference in the SUP part of boot camp!

If you need any more convincing about the amazing benefits of this hobby, the huffington post have made an amazing article exploring some of the benefits!

ISLE Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board

It is little surprise that a lot of the models we’ve looked at are made specifically for yoga, and the ISLE airtech inflatable yoga SUP has been designed exactly for the needs of yoga lovers. The company have been making products like this since 2004, and have really considered yoga when designing the board. Its wide nose and tail bring a lot of stability which means that it is not difficult to ride out and that it also stays relatively stable whilst performing your moves, poses and exercises. The last thing you want when trying out a new pose is a board that wobbles everywhere, and though SUP yoga will always test your balance, the ISLE airtech does a great job of giving some support under you.

One of many great things about this iSUP is the fact that it comes with everything you need. People just getting started on this journey are unlikely to have  huge amounts of SUP equipment and knowledge, especially if you’re just coming from a yoga background. This has an inflatable paddle, accessories bundle and even a travel bag. Which leads me nicely to the next benefit of the ISLE iSUP, the portability. Of course, it is inflatable, so can easily be thrown in the car and taken to a lake or to the sea. Not having to worry about a roof rack or difficulties taking your paddle board to your destination is definitely a plus point.

This board is also great for paddlers of all different shapes and sizes. It can handle weights of up to 255 lb but the manufacturers also say that some riders who exceed this may still be fine if they are experienced. Is this the cheapest yoga SUP? Absolutely not, you will have to part with a bit of money to get your hands on the ISLE Airtech iSUP, but if you want something that is an all in one solution, that is well made, durable and stable then look no further. You get all of the accessories you could possibly need and are ready to go as soon as your SUP is in your hands, and there is even a money back guarantee if you find anything is not to your liking. Deserves its place on our ‘best of’ list.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

On the whole, paddle boards aren’t the cheapest product, but the Emporium Weekender is on the more affordable end of the scale, making them a good choice for those on a budget, and offers excellent value for money. It is another inflatable model which makes it a top choice for portability. This is a 10′ model, and ten toes have products which are bigger, great for gliding and touring, or smaller, which won’t be big enough for yoga.

The Ten Toes weekender comes with an adjustable paddle, easy to use carry case and even has a one year warranty. Rolled up, this SUP is just 11″ x 36″, so it is easy to see why people opt for an inflatable model in order to make the storage and transportation so much easier. In terms of its durability, this is described as ‘virtually indestructible’ by the manufacturer. It would take more than a little wear and tear for anything to happen to this paddleboard, especially if being used for yoga and standard paddling. This will last many years, and considering the fact that this is already cheaper than many of its competitors on the market, the value for money offered by the Emporium Weekender is excellent. The maximum rider weight is 275lb meaning that even those with a larger frame can use it safely and with no fear of running into troubles.

A quick look at the ten toes weekender reviews on amazon or elsewhere will show that the vast majority of people who have taken the plunge and bought the Weekender ISUP are very happy with their buy, and a huge amount of five star reviews show that this is definitely one of the best options for yoga enthusiasts.

Lotus YSUP Inflatable SUP Board

We’re completing our list with another very high quality inflatable board. To be honest, it was hard to find any boards that aren’t inflatable and are designed to be used specifically for yoga, and that is understandable, the pros of a board being inflatable, especially for a hobbyist, outweigh the cons.

The Lotus YSUP is an exceptionally crafted, luxury SUP board with a huge amount of positive reviews online. Most people who have used the board seem to be exceptionally happy with it, and a huge amount of five star reviews suggest that in spite of being a bit more pricy than some of the other SUPs on the market, the Lotus hits the nail on the head.

This board has a thick, six inch covering material which is designed for yoga sessions, they’ve made sure they don’t have a carrier handle in the center of the board which would inevitably get in the way, so they’ve considered the needs you will have for a productive yoga session. A shoulder strap is the alternative and keeps it easy to carry.

Yoga SUP Accessories

There are many accessories out there that can make your life easier, too. Whether you already have a board or are buying one for the first time, many accessories are worth considering. Of course, there is some obvious equipment such as the SUP paddle, any storage accessories you may need and a carry bag if you’ve gone for an inflatable model, but we’ve put together some of the more specific yoga accessories.

Surfstow Paddle Board Mat

A paddle board mat can help to convert an ordinary SUP into something a bit more suitable for yoga. Slipping can be a big issue with many paddle boards, and having a good quality mat over the top can make things a lot easier for you. It simply attaches with a suction system and is very good at staying put once it is on there. If you have a specific yoga SUP then this may be overkill, but if not, it could just become your best friend.

Paddleboard Anchor

There are a number of anchors available, and they can help greatly with the stability on offer. Of course, you have to balance (no pun intended) a need for an anchor with a need to take something out on the water, a huge anchor isn’t going to work, but many of the anchors you can buy are just a couple of lbs in weight, and are easily portable, yet are able to grip in many conditions that can help to keep your paddleboard in one place.


This is a hobby that can have huge benefits, and there are a lot of reasons why it is growing at a rapid rate. Doing some research up front and exploring the best products for SUP yoga can be very beneficial in the long term, and ensure it is something you stick to for the long term.