Cover it Up! 5 of the Best Boat Covers

Using a cover for your boat is one of the best ways you can delay the natural effects of wear and tear on your pride and joy; your boat. On a daily basis, your boat is likely affected by a cycle of temperature and condition changes as the weather and even time of day changes. This daily routine often leads to expansion and contraction which is not the best for wood and takes a toll on the gel coating and wooden materials from which the majority of boats are made. Covers are useful for protection from the air, pollution, dirt, rodents, birds, adverse weather, and just about any of the situations that could risk the condition of a boat that you have probably paid a lot of money for.

Of course, investing in a good boat cover isn’t likely to be a bad idea given the important role it plays in protecting your boat from fading or becoming damaged. However, there is another benefit often overlooked. A boat cover can also be useful for the covering of valuable equipment you may keep on board, and that may not be easy to remove.

There are many different types and designs of boat, and this is something to consider when you are taking the plunge and buying a cover for your boat. Fortunately, the covers are quite flexible. Some of the types of boat you can get specific covers for include:

  • V-Hull Boats
  • Runabout Boats
  • Tri-Hull Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Bass Boats
  • Ski Boats

In order for you to have a better understanding of why it is so wise to invest in the best boat covers you can for your boat, we share with you some of the benefits of boat covers, what makes a quality boat cover, and even a selection of individual reviews of the top covers you can currently find for all different sorts of boats.

The Many Benefits of Boat Covers

The following are some of the benefits you will get from investing in a boat cover.

  • Protects your boat: Cover boats provide good protection for your anchored boat, at the dock or when stored on a trailer. There are different types of cover for different scenarios (more on this later).
  • Makes your boat durable: Covering your boats helps to mimimize the risk of damage from natural conditions such as the weather, rodents and other animals.
  • It protects your equipment: Cover boats protect the equipment within from prying eyes. Out of site, they say, is out of mind.

What Makes a Good Boat Cover? Our Criteria

Boat covers come with different materials and in different shapes and sizes too. It is easy to think that a cover is a cover, but this is not the case, and there are other variations. So, to choose the best boat cover for your boat, you need to be armed with the right information as to what makes the right cover boat for your individual needs. The following are some of the factors you should look for when next you’re shopping for a boat cover.

Storage vs. Trailer: These are two main types of cover. Storage covers fit the boat with a bit of give and aren’t the most tight or ‘custom’ fitting covers. They’re often more like a tarp or canopy that can quickly cover a boat while it is moored or stored somewhere. A trailer cover, as the name suggests, has been made for protecting the boat whilst it is being transported so will be hard wearing and more tight-fitting to the boat.

Materials: The material with which a boat cover is made is truly vital to determining its usefulness. The fabrics of your boat cover must be of the right combination in order to ensure that there is some ventilation as well as water repellency to stop the rain getting in. You may think that boats can handle water, and though the exterior is designed to handle water, the materials in the inside (the area being covered) are often not waterproof. A top-quality synthetic fabric is often used, great for durability and functionality.

Colors: Dark color materials are most suitable for a boat cover due to the fact that they provide great UV resistance from the sun and in turn contribute to boat longevity.

Size: Buying the right size of boat cover is also important when shopping for one. An oversized boat cover will sag under the weight of rain water, which collects and can be very awkward. Oversized covers can also get damaged when under serious windy conditions. On the other hand, if the boat cover is too tight, the seams and fabric could be stretched and are prone to tearing.


In order to help you make an informed decision when choosing your boat cover, we have selected some of the top boat covers for you. Read on to see our review of these products.

RockyMRanger Heavy Duty Boat Cover

The RockyMRanger is one in a large range of covers for all sorts of products from BBQs to boats. This is a trailer design cover so can be used when you’re transporting your boat from A to B. The brand is known for its durability and some very positive reviews elsewhere on the internet back this up. as it is between 17′ and 19′ it has been a popular choice for sports and fishing boats and can cover a motor too. 8 hard wearing straps and one extra long strap as well as an elasticated bottom for the cover mean that you can adjust it and wrap it closely to the boat and avoid any issues with it coming loose.

Budge 600 Denier Boat Cover

The Budge 600 boat cover is a larger sized boat cover suitable for the V-hull boat with a T-top or hard top and cabin. This boat cover comes in five different sizes so is suitable for a huge amount of boats all the way from 16′ up to 26′. It is UV protective and has a lot of straps and ties to closely attach it to your boat and avoid it coming loose. Great protection from all of life’s awkward enemies for boats!

Yescom 600D V-Hull Ski Boat Cover

The Yescom boat cover is a relatively affordable choice that is a good option if you’re on a budget. Easily attached to your boat with a lot of clips and of course it is UV protective. It is designed to be a sort of ‘middle ground’ which can be good for short term trailerable use (transporting) or longer term storage. It also comes in three different colors and has a convenient storage bag for when it isn’t in use.

Classic Accessories StormPro Boat Cover

The Classic Accessories StormPro is a heavy duty boat cover that has become a popular choice for bass boats and V boats. It comes with a pole, which stops the cover from sagging so water can build up. The StormPro has given a lot of thought to the weather (as the name suggests) so it doesn’t allow rain or snow to build up, good for trailer transport. Made with quality materials and this even has an amazing five year warranty so you can tell that the manufacturer has full faith in it.

Komo Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover

The Komo model is another trailerable boat cover suitable for most mid-sized boats with a V Hull design. It comes with a carry bag. The Komo boat cover is double stitched with an elastic material making it fit your boat ideally. However, it also comes in a lot of different sizes so all boats from 12′ up to 24′ are likely to be compatible with some version of this cover. The low price is actually pretty surprising considering the quality and this is available in two colors as well as the aforementioned sizes. This has definitely earned its place on our list of the best boat covers.


No doubt, a boat cover provides both protective and maintenance functions for your boat. It also safeguards the rest of your boating equipment, thereby, helping you to save money in the long run. It isn’t the most glamorous aspect of boating, but it is an important one, and taking the time to pick a boat cover for your runabout, ski boat, fishing boat or other boat can be well worth it in the long run and make sure you don’t do any unnecessary damage.