The Best Kneeboard Reviews

obrienThe products you can buy for having fun on the water are continuing to grow and grow, and the kneeboard is one of the most exciting products which has started to gain popularity in recent times. In this article, we’re looking at the best kneeboards and individual kneeboard reviews to try and inform you in the world of finding one to purchase and take out on the water! We explore the features and criteria that make a good, reliable and portable model, and look at other factors such as value for money and existing consumer reviews.

What is a Kneeboard?

This is a big question for a lot of people who are new to the idea! What even is a kneeboard?! Well, kneeboards aren’t that new and were originally introduced in the 50s. They’re designed for a form of watersport and are much like a wakeboard or water skis, with the main difference being that you rest on your knees while you use them. They can be great fun for a simple coast along behind a motorboat or being towed by another device, but they can also be used for doing some amazing tricks, and some of the best kneeboarders out there have become exceptionally good at doing flips, tricks and more on the water. They can be used on the water of a lake, out on the ocean (with safety precautions) or on more shallow waters. Of course, precautions should be taken and life jackets worn.

Kneeboards aren’t always a ‘standard’ design and have a few different factors which can alter from model to model including size, length of the tow rope and more, but more on that as we continue to the individual kneeboard reviews below.

The popularity of the products is hardly a surprise considering just how fun they are, the fact that they can easily be used by beginners and you don’t have to go that fast on them. They’re an amazing addition if you love boating and can even be pulled by hand on shallow waters you can wade in. Of course, regulation lifejackets should always be worn.

The Best Kneeboards Reviewed, Features, Size, Brands and More…

Driftsun Kneeboard Review

What a way to have fun out on the sea! The Driftsun kneeboard is one of the best models we’ve found, and is a good option for beginners and experienced users alike. It is extremely highly rated and the brand are one of the best selling in the world of kneeboard products. Their features are pretty impressive:

  • A hook on the front makes it really easy to take off, even if you’re new to the sport.
  • The padding is both durable and comfy, even if you’re using the board for long periods of time.
  • The edge has been designed with a bevel which helps with flexibility and balance on the water, especially if you’re going faster.
  • The strap is very firm but also still comfy, and the board is reliably held in place.
  • One of the most popular models both for beginners and those wanting to do tricks including jumps and flips.

The sturdy nature of this product make it a great choice, and as already mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or you’ve been kneeboarding all of your life. Is it cheap? Not the cheapest. Is it value for money? Yes! The product is pretty widely accepted as being high quality and built well. It is easy to sling in a truck, SUV or even just a normal car and take on trips to a lake or to the beach. Many users have recommended taking a look at YouTube videos explaining how to start kneeboarding to get the technique just right for takeoff, but once you’ve had a go, you’ll be well on your way.

Hydroslide Havoc Review

Hydroslide are probably the most popular kneeboard brand out there, and they’re definitely our favorite, they’ve got a few different models on the market but this is the one which stood out for a review in this summary. That said, all of their models are both well reviewed and reasonably priced, and are options you shouldn’t ignore on your quest to buy a kneeboard. Any one of the Hydroslides could have made this list of the top boards, the Revolution, Magna and more are all really great products by the manufacturer.

Back to the Havoc. We’ve picked it out as the best Hydroslide for a few reasons and the benefits are listed below.

This is a great ride, and all of the manufacturer’s 30 years of experience are evident here. The main things we noticed were the comfort, as the padding and perforated pad for your knees feels pretty good on your legs. This is vital as your knees and legs will be carrying your weight. The kneewells are deep and this means you have a lot of control when you’re on the board, making it easy to go cut through the water. The edges have been rounded to also aid the performance over the water. The hook and padded belt help with the starts and of course the added benefits are that it comes with handle, rope and carry bag to help get you started and make you comfortable on the board.

A 52 inch, easy to use and relatively comfortable board, this represents good value for money and can often be found for under $200. The brand is definitely one you can trust, hence their domination of the market.


It is worth mentioning the best junior kneeboard out there too as you may well be looking for a model for a kid to use. The Hydroslide junior Cyclone is a 43 inch model and is very flexible, great for use by the younger generation!

This has a lot of padding making it comfy even for children and teenagers to use and people with kids of all different ages have reported it being easy for them to get started with. Beginners will find this an agreeable kneeboard and if you want to get them started young, be sure to consider it.

O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard Review

So I’ve saved the very best for last. The O’Brien Voodoo is my favorite board for a few different reasons. It is a little more expensive, but still comes at a pretty reasonable price, especially when compared to a lot of the top watersport products. The Voodoo has a hard edge but still provides a relatively simple ride making it good for all different ability levels. The four fins on the bottom make it a lot more easy to transition and control, meaning this is probably the most control you’re likely to get. It is padded for comfort like most of the products we’ve talked about here, and the straps also have pads whilst staying firm to lock you in.

O’Brien Voodoo reviews have talked a lot about what a great, professionally built product this is. At the time of writing, the vast majority of the reviews we can find online have rated this 5 stars. It comes with a hook which makes it easier to use, especially for newcomers. Reports and reviews on Amazon have discussed this product being used both by adults and younger people as they get started on the water. The comfort has also been a regular theme when talking about this, something it is hard to get right on a product which is so reliant on putting pressure on the knees, but this achieves it. It can still be picked up for under $200 at times which certainly isn’t bad for all those features.


Of course, budget plays a part here. Truth be told there isn’t a ‘cheap’ alternative as such, but the products in themselves are far from the most pricey watersport boards. It can provide a nice addition to boating holidays and fun for all the family! The two real powerhouse brands of O’Brien and Hydroslide┬áprovide exceptional ranges and buying any of their products is likely to serve you pretty well. You can, with the right kneeboard for you, start out as a beginner and learn how to do all the tricks and skills in the book, some of which are included in this awesome video, showing some of the basic (and less basic) ways you can use a kneeboard.