Five of the Best Fishing Pliers Reviewed

best fishing pliers reviewsA good fisherman knows that a successful fishing trip needs you to have more than just rods, lines, reels, and lures; there are also a number of handy little tools and new accessories that can make the whole process more convenient and efficient, and new technology is being created all the time. Every fisherman and woman is likely to at some point look into the necessary accessories to enjoy fishing to the highest degree and make their fishing more efficient (or should that be e-fish-ient?).

Fishing pliers, one of the most common tools is commonplace for almost every fisherman. Fishing pliers are not the same thing as ordinary pliers that you’d find in the home or in a toolkit somewhere. The most common use of a pair of these fish pliers is to remove the hooks that have ended up in fish, mostly used for those that have become stuck. It can reach far in a mouth and safely remove a hook without doing much harm so you can remain guilt free. A fisherman’s fishing pliers are often even equipped with other accessories such as line cutters and a blade, which come in super useful. Most fishing pliers are especially made to be really rust resistant, much moreso than ordinary pliers, this is partially due to how much they’re exposed to water.

The main criteria for the best fishing pliers is the materials they are made of. In certain types of water such as saltwater, corrosion can be a real issue, and many of the manufacturers have turned to materials that are designed not to rust and corrode, making sure you get value for money and long term use out of your pliers. The actual jaws and cutters are normally made out of stainless steel which provides a lot of strength and durability.

We live in an age of reviews and before buying a model you can check out fishing plier reviews to be able to see what both the experts and consumers who are already using the product have said, but the five models we’ve picked out in this article are all of the highest quality, and the reviews tend to back it up. We’ve also included reviews at multiple prices to ensure you’re getting something to suit your budget as well as good value for money.

There are many other tools out there that you can use in conjunction with your pliers and some are even sold as a set, getting a fishing kit can be a good way of saving money, just make sure that all of the tools are up to standard. You may even want multiple sizes of fishing pliers and some are sold as sets of two at different sizes, just like you’re likely to have spanners and other normal pliers at different sizes, you can do the same with your fishing equipment.

A line clipper is another handy accessory that comes with a lot of different tools. It is similar to nail clippers and is a clever tool to cut lines. Attach the clipper to a lanyard and wear it for ease of use, just grab it and go.

Another handy tool you’ll often find in the same package as the best fishing pliers is a lure retriever. Although some do not think of this tool as totally necessary, it is undeniably useful, especially when a lure gets stuck under one of the many objects that can hold you up such as a rock or a log.

A lot of the fishing accessories are relatively easy-to-find; most of them can be bought at a fishing store or even may be available in a sports shop. They don’t need to be expensive but can make a big difference to your fishing skills and success, and even save you money on lines you may otherwise lose or hooks you may break.


The Bite Fishing Tackle plier is one of the best fishing pliers on the market, making it extremely easy to cut even strong lines, it has Stainless Steel Jaws (which are even replaceable) and this is a hard wearing product which could well be the last aluminum fishing pliers you will ever need. In addition to being sturdy and hard-wearing it is made of a type of alloy that makes this resistant to rust and corrosion. Some of the other features include comfortable but effective grips that allow a great firm grip in even the most challenging situations.

Madbite advertise their fishing plier as being made of aerospace grade aluminum. Another model with  corrosion resistance, it is designed for durability and use in all different kinds of water. This great fishing tool also comes with straight steel jaws and carbide cutters that give these fishing pliers a huge amount of cutting power to allow it to easily go through all sorts of fishing line, such as braided, mono line, fluorocarbon and other materials.

What I like most about this is the belt sheath which makes it really easy to attach to your belt while fishing and quickly grab it when you need to, no fiddling around in your bag. In addition to this it has a solid, hard anodized finish in three colors with ergonomic handles. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing and also is compact and simple for anyone to carry it in any hard or soft fishing tackle box. This is another great fishing tool that I recommend, and a quick look at other madbite fishing plier reviews will show that I’m not the only one raving about it.

The Piscifun fishing plier tool is another option, being made from Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum to deliver an excellent corrosion resistance. The Titanium-coated Steel Jaws to provide a lot of strength for such a small tool and a lot of durability and the clever and unique split ring design makes for a super simple removal.

This great tool comes with high density handle which is, in their words ‘skidproof’ and designed to be portable and comfortable at fishing time. It does grip well and is very unlikely to slip out of your hands, which can be a huge issue for fishing. In addition to these features it is very lightweight with cool bright design, which though not vital is still worth considering.

The Sportsrain fishing plier scissors is yet another high quality tool that can cut through a fishing line or remove the hook from fishes with ease. A great, individual feature in this fishing tool is the specially designed narrow serrated nose that reaches deeper than a lot of the other products can manage into fishes mouths for simple, quick hook extraction. In addition to providing this longer, clever design, it is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Also this is ultra-light and small and convenient to throw into your fishing bag and be on your way.

The Best Tackle Box and Bag for Fishing and Kayaking

best fishing tackle box bag

Fishing is a very popular hobby and millions of people enjoy taking part in it around the world. Whether you’re shore fishing, beach fishing or kayak fishing, there are so many ways to get involved in this pastime. As with many hobbies, there is equipment involved. We’ve reviewed some options and tried to narrow down the best tackle box for you. Tackle boxes are one of the most important pieces of gear you will come across, and organization is key to effective fishing trips. ‘Tackle’ is defined as any accessories a fisherman or fisherwoman would need, and there are so many different things to remember. Lures, bait, hooks and reels, I could go on. Sometimes you need to grab something at short notice and knowing exactly where it is can be the difference between landing a carp and not!

Hard vs Soft Tackle Boxes

These are a couple of terms you might hear on your search for somewhere to store your tackle. What it basically means is the materials your ‘box’ is made of. Sometimes a soft tackle box can really be more of a bag, and they’re soft sided with material making up the outside. A hard box is more reminiscent of a tool box, and may be the more ‘traditional’ design. Of course, a soft box does have benefits, and is designed to be more easily portable, but there are some pretty good models of hard tackle box to take out with you too. A soft box is also not going to be water resistant, which can be a huge downside when you’re inevitably going to be using it near water. It largely depends how far you’re having to take it, how much space you need, and other personal preferences.

A tackle box can be arranged however you want it to, but there are a few things you’re always going to want to take out there including:

  • Extra fishing lines. Your line can always break or get stuck in rocks or other murky areas in the water. Having another fishing line is a basic, and means you don’t have to end the trip early or run around trying to source another. Fishing line is vital.
  • Fishing hooks. What works for one fish will not work for another, so having an assortment of different hooks can sort of be considered your ‘arsenal’ and can help you out immensely, and the compartments in your tackle box can make it easy to separate them.
  • First Aid. You never know what is round the corner, and you do have to handle some sharp items when out fishing. It is sensible to have access to a first aid kit, and instead of having a separate one, you can incorporate it into your tackle box.
  • Toolbox. It is also wise to have some tools with you, and you never know when you’re going to need pliers, scissors, a multi-tool or swiss army knife. Having them available can be very useful.
  • Bait. Of course some bait might not be the sort of thing you want to put in your box, but it is always possible to have plastic bait as a backup plan should you not have bait available.

Features To Look For in a Tackle Box

There are certain features you’re going to need from your tackle box, and things to look out for when making the purchase. We’ve listed some essentials, and the parameters by which you should be judging whether it is the best tackle box or best tackle bag for your needs.

  • Size. This depends largely on how much space you will need for your fishing gear, but bear in mind when purchasing one that your gear will probably grow as you continue to fish.
  • Compartments. You need plenty of spacious and easy to use compartments to store your equipment. One of the main benefits of a tackle bag or tackle box is to let you organize things and put them in their own compartments.
  • Durability. These see a lot of action. I drop mine all the time, and it gets thrown around the back of my car, I need something durable in order to be good enough to keep the equipment in good shape and ensure it is going to last me a long time.
  • Easy to carry. Obviously this is a simpler task for a bag than a box, but they do have convenient handles and lots of them do all they can to be easy to transport.

Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System

Plano are a brand who really have things on lockdown when it comes to the world of tackle boxes. Their range is pretty huge, and we’re starting with one of the most impressive products of its type, the Plano 7771 Guide Series. It is awesome, and oh so durable. The product comes with a limited lifetime guarantee which goes to show just how well made it is.

It has dividable trays and lots of compartments which don’t get in the way of each other, making it easy to use and even customize. The clear lid means you can see what you’re reaching for and never forget where things are exactly. The three racks can all be moved and removed separately, and generally it is just neatly designed.

There are many reviews of the 7771 online. It is a product which has been around for a while now and the vast majority of people who have taken the plunge and bought one seem very happy with their purchase. There is a lot of room here, and it could be overkill if you want something tiny and compact, but for a decent sized, roomy fishing tackle box, look no further.

Plano 1354 4-By Rack System 3500

Consider this the little sibling to the model mentioned above. If you want something similar in a hard tackle box made by Plano, with plenty of compartments and room but a little less space, then this is the answer. Just as we’ve grown to expect from this manufacturer, this has been vigorously tested for its durability and quality, and we’re confident it will last some time. It is usually cheaper than a lot of the other products on the market, partially just because it is pretty small, but that can be a benefit in itself.

If you’re all about the equipment, and you just love having loads of stuff in your tackle box, this might not be the option for you. The Plano 1354 may mean you end up having to take a little less stuff out with you, but it is still a great option for a lot of the more casual fishermen and fisherwomen out there.

Wild River by CLC WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier

Are you ready to be the envy of all of your fishing buddies? The Wild River WT3702 Tackle Tek Frontier is an incredible model of soft tackle box, and boy does this have some awesome features, plus lets face it, it looks cool. This is one of the best reviewed products like this we’ve come across. It comes with a little extra on the price tag, but can be so worth it for those of us who need that extra bit of portability.

Check out the extravagant features on offer:

  • LED lights built in for seeing what you’re doing.
  • Handle with a clever rotating grip design.
  • Storage for five large trays in the bottom section, in the top section there are two dividers which can be adjusted to your preferences.
  • Sunglass holders.
  • Plier holders so you always know where you can grab your pliers from.
  • Four mesh pockets so you can put things in to easily recall during your trip.
  • Clear compartment for things which need to stay visible such as maps or a phone, but also need to stay dry and clean!
  • Even comes with a drink compartment!

A quick feel of this tells you it is one of the best fishing tackle bags on the market. The manufacturers have really thought of everything, and this is easy to transport and carry as well as having so many sections. The trays are hard wearing so if you need things to stay well protected they can go in there. This is a luxurious model, but the price brings so much quality.

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

This is something of a cheaper alternative for a great tackle bag, and though it may not have thought of quite as much as the Wild River, it is cheaper and is still easy to use and full of space. It can be slung over your shoulder and is certainly one of the easiest to carry and most portable models we’ve come across. It deserves its place on the list of the best soft tackle boxes! It is made of a rugged, high denier material and is hard-wearing, has plenty of different compartments for splitting things up and just like its counterpart it has a specific holder for pliers, a tool you’ll likely be reaching for over and over again.

The feature I like most when it came to the Spiderwire Wolf was the awesome reel dispensers which are detachable and therefore optional, but make life easier and keep one of the most commonly used pieces of tackle right there at your fingertips. It is a great bag, and other Spiderwire Wolf Reviews will show you that the vast majority who purchase one seem to be pretty pleased with it. They’ve definitely been designed with fishing in mind, and therefore make your life as easy as possible when taking them out on all those fishing trips.

Plano Large 2 Sided Tackle Box

The slang phrase ‘cheap and cheerful’ comes to mind. At the time of writing this is the cheapest tackle box we’ve mentioned on the list. For the current price you can check amazon or elsewhere online, but lets just say it is a lot more basic than anything else on our list. That said, if you fish very occasionally or just have a few pieces of tackle to take out with you, or are truly just getting started in the world of fishing, this could do a decent job for you. They’re pretty small, but do have some compartments and are pretty hard to break or dent. They’ve got a carry handle, and perhaps would be a good option for children going on their first fishing trips. Plano products are well made, and this has made it to our list in the interest of providing a more basic option for people.


So there we have it. Options for fishing tackle boxes and bags suitable for almost anyone who likes to fish, and every variation from kayak fishing to shore fishing, ice fishing to sea fishing. The tackle box is an essential piece of equipment and serves as a central hub for a lot of gear, so getting the decision right on which tackle box to buy is pretty important. Reading reviews and getting an overview, as well as deciding on whether you need hard vs soft, can really help you to make your mind up. You may save yourself a lot of time and hassle by opting for one of the tried and tested models.