Exploring the Best Ocean Kayaks for Fun and Fishing

kayakMany of us love to explore the sea, and more of us are doing so in an ocean kayak which can be used for either fishing or of course just paddling on the water and having fun. The sea obviously needs to be respected and there are a lot of health and safety regulations before you take to the water. Certain ocean kayaks are better than others, some come recommended for fishing, some don’t. It is important to know what you’re buying and what is the best sea kayak for your money before you purchase one and take the plunge.

There are certain features you should be looking for when buying one. We’ve put together some reviews below in order to help you find the top models, but it is important to be as educated as possible going into the process.

Going out onto the sea is amazing for so many reasons, the cool breeze can feel amazing and the thrill of the wind in your hair can be enthralling. If you are lucky enough to be visiting or living near somewhere that there is a tropical or just beautiful ocean, a kayak may well be something you want to invest in.

If you’re into sea fishing, the kayak offers a few advantages, of course if you have a kayak for ocean fishing you can move around and fish in areas up and down the coastline which you may not have otherwise been able to reach.

It is important to be experienced taking to the water and comfortable with a kayak, so make sure you’ve spent some time in it, perhaps even on a smaller body of water before you go out on the sea. It is also vital that you take the time to learn to use your kayak properly and that it is instructed correctly, and you respect the sea and of course any local rules. This excellent guide is good for introducing you to using it.

How Much is an Ocean Kayak?

This is a bit of a misleading question, of course there are many options and of course they’re at different price points, so the budget you are on is going to inform which model of kayak you’re likely to buy. In general, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is definitely relevant, but there are some cheaper options which can do a good job for you and you don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive. Most of the models out there are under $1000, but if you’re looking to go as cheap as under $100, you’re likely going to struggle greatly to find anything of real quality.

Ocean Fishing Kayak Choices:

Inflatable vs Non-Inflatable. This is a choice which it is important to make, it is a little cheaper to go to the inflatable end of the market, and of course helps a lot with portability, but then there is of course the construction. A lot of the inflatable fishing kayaks are really sturdy, so it may be a viable option.

One person vs Tandem. Choose the amount of seats required! I don’t like to go out alone but you can of course take multiple kayaks if you need to. Tandem fishing kayaks can provide a great way to head out on the water as a duo and keep each other company while fishing or just exploring.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Kayak

We’re starting with one of the better selling models of fishing kayak. It is a very sturdy model of kayak and though not inflatable, and a little tough to transport if this is something you need to do, it is a great option. This kayak is easy for those who aren’t the most experienced and is very forgiving when it comes to paddling. What I also love about it is the open cockpit, getting in and out is simple even if you’re a bigger person, and you don’t feel claustrophobic when you’re in it, and it is great for fishing where you need a little freedom of movement.

The dry storage compartment is great for putting things in which you need to keep safe, and the adjustable foot mounts are great for your comfort. Overall, an excellent option if you’ve got an SUV to lug it around in or can keep it relatively close to where you’ll be using it. I wouldn’t recommend taking it too far from the shore and of course you need to be safe at all times.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review – Two Person Inflatable Kayak

We’re looking at the Intex Explorer as more of a cheap option for a kayak, and of course an inflatable and more easily portable model. This is great for people on a budget, and comes with everything you need including some sturdy aluminium paddles to use. Again, it isn’t going to be the best kayak in the world at the price point, but it is more than adequate for what most of us need and it is great for taking on trips with you.

As well as being used in the ocean (close to the shore I would recommend) it can be used in lakes and everywhere else where kayaking and watersports are popular. You need to be more careful with an inflatable, naturally it is less hard-wearing.

These are best for lakes and other small bodies of water and you should always be aware of the weather also when taking it out, but if you’re on a budget when trying to find your kayak, this might be an option for you.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-on-Top Kayak Review

The Ocean Kayak brand has become one of the most popular on the market, especially for using in the sea, hence the name! This is a one person kayak and you can sit on top of it, it is 9 foot long and can be stored on the top of a car or in the back of a truck or SUV. This is a little more expensive, but if you’re looking for a one person kayak then this is possibly the best you can buy.

It is relatively lightweight at just over 40lbs, but can handle the capacity of up to 325 lbs for somebody riding on top. It has enough mobility for fishing and of course is great just for recreational kayaking!

The design has come with a padded seat, and trust me if you spend any length of time in it you’re likely to be thankful for having a cushioned, padded seat to spend your time on. It is available in a few different colors and has been very highly regarded among those who have purchased.

A quick look on the consumer reviews on Amazon and other sites will show you just what people think of this. At the time of writing the vast majority of reviews are five star, showing what people have thought after taking this out of the water. It can pretty comfortably be used on loads of different types of water and is very sturdy and hard-wearing, especially when you consider how lightweight it is. The bright design colors improve the visibility, and some have even said they’ve taken it surfing on waves, which shows how good the control is.

Knowing the Safety Protocol

If you’ve never gone over in a kayak, you need to experience this. The safety practice when you’re in a kayak which overturns is as follows:

  • Lean forwards
  • Use the paddle you’re holding to push off from the kayak.
  • Release the¬†affixation which holds you to the kayak so that you’re not tethered, this is called the ‘skirt’
  • Ensure it’s been totally removed and then push yourself away from the boat. You can of course go back to it later but your safety is the most important thing when you’re in open water.


There are a lot of different models on the market and it is vital that you take a little time to consider both where you’re going to be using it, whether you need space for one or two people, and how much you’re willing to spend, as well as the ocean kayak brands available.

The above models of kayak won’t see you far wrong, and as long as you abide by what people advise locally, and stick to the rules whilst staying sensible, you’re likely to have a great time on the sea.

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